A multi-dimensional deep dive into the heart of your relationship to
m o n e y


What if I were to tell you that one of the most potent medicinal experiences was always at your very fingertips? That this medicine was permeating your reality on a daily basis?

That traveling to the holy Ashrams in India and the sacred jungles of Peru (though, immensely powerful quests) are not the only ways to interact with some of the planets strongest medicines...

That rigorous meditation, the tireless search for the next illusive “block,” the insatiable hunger for the next reading, and your upcoming appointment with “that magical healer” who you just know is going to fix you — are not the only ways to truly face, see, know, and remember yourself...

What if I were to share with you, dear one, that on a daily basis you are already creating, carrying, and interacting with one the most profound teachers and pervasive spirits on the planet today... 

What could I possibly be referring to?


That’s right — “the root of all evil”
or perhaps, “just neutral energy?” 

I’d like to introduce you to a life-changing concept and practice called Money Medicine. 

My name is Pilar Marie Lesko and I am a Medicine Woman. 


My entire life, money has been initiating me.

Though it took me almost 24 excruciating years to acknowledge this and begin consciously interacting with these initiations — money has consistently and relentlessly invited me into deeper levels of my own consciousness, force me to come face-to-face with some of my most terrifying fragments, distortions, and shadows — and, beckoned me to work with and share about it as a medicine that many on the path, desperately need to work with. 

I am no stranger to medicinal experiences — I’ve ingested my fair share of plants, been militantly committed to shadow excavation, and radically thrown myself into a multitude of Spirit-led questionable experiences that would force me to relinquish every identity, pattern, and piece of conditioning that kept me safe and small.

However, since committing to consciously interacting with money as a medicine, I have been given the chance to face off with pieces of myself that only something as pervasive and potent as money could excavate. I have also entered into a new dimension of discipline, devotion, and ceremonial play (that’s right, play) with something that the majority of the planet can barely bring themselves to discuss.  

Money —we all need it. We cannot be fully human without interacting with it. Yet, when deciding to work with money in a conscious and dare I say, spiritual way — one very quickly realizes that money is nothing more than a sacred doorway.

It’s all about money and it also has nothing to do with money. Money effectively drops us down the rabbit hole into aspects of ourselves that money was perhaps always hoping to initiate us into. Money — the metaphorical seed of creation — will shine light on our relationship to our base chakras, sex, intimacy, Father and Mother wounding, worthiness, trust, and most importantly — our widely distorted relationship to the Masculine and the Feminine.

This journey is both sacred offering and rich invitation for those who feel the frequency of this container and KNOW in their heart, that this is the initiation they have been waiting for.

the journey


Lifetime access to 9 rich lessons sent out weekly including both a PDF & audio file

• Weekly prescriptions & assignments including a custom-designed shadow-integration assignment

• Private Facebook group to hold you in the sanctity of your process

• Weekly Q&A calls in the Facebook group

• Bi-weekly sharing + focused-mentoring Zoom calls


• Collective energetic + astrological reports

• Weekly group card pulls + channeled prayers

• Free access to a variety of meditations to assist you in your journey

• Access to custom-made flower essences that are not yet available in my shop

• Focused advice + reflections pertaining to your Natal Chart & Human Design

• A custom-designed materials list including everything from the group and other useful resources on the Money Medicine path

• Discounted private energetic / emotional alchemy sessions to assist you in your excavation + clearing with my partner, Chris

this initiation is for if you…


+ Are a woman, or feminine identifying being who feels the pulse of this container summoning you into deeper communion with money

+ Are an entrepreneur, freelancer, corporate employee, stay-at-home-mom — literally any lifestyle in which you interact with money and desire a better relationship to it

+ KNOW that the very thing blocking you from the reality of your dreams is any of the following: financial anorexia, a poor relationship to money, inconsistency in money, unconscious money beliefs, shame around money, etc.

+ Have an interest in + are willing to unravel any distortion you may be carrying around the Masculine & Feminine energies within and without

+ Are in full creator-consciousness (you understand + accept that you are the creator of your reality)

+ Are not afraid to dive head first into practices including but not limited to shadow excavation, embodiment, intimacy, aligned action, emotional / energetic alchemy, writing, and more

+ Have and consistently tend to + cultivate a relationship to the Divine (whether that be through alchemy, magic, gnostic-teachings, hermeticism, nature-based practices — all are welcome)

+ Are ready to go ALL IN on this journey and any of the work that may be presented throughout

This initiation is not for you if you…

+ Are in victim-consciousness and are unwilling to take responsibility for your reality

+ Feel that this program will be the magic button that solves all of your problems

+ Are expecting this experience to instantly make you tons of money (though, that can happen) and are unwilling to go any deeper than numbers in your bank account

+ Have not begun to address any of your trauma, conditioning, patterns, or blocks

+ Are not open to direct + transparent feedback and reflections

+ Are not in a place to invest both money and energy into your transformation, liberation, and actualization

+ Do not see the immense benefit (and declarative force) in investing money into your relationship with money

+ Do not see energetics and the inner-world as the first step to actualizing anything you desire

What past initiates are saying...

I’d like you, dear reader, to hear this first - say yes to Pilar.

If you get nothing out of the words to come, my prayer is that you hear the urgency and potency of those four. Say YES to Pilar.

If you are hoping for a miracle medicine to come and “fix” your relationship to Money, then THIS medicine is not for you.

If you are unwilling to dig up every bit of the foundation of YOU and study, see, ask, listen, and alchemize, then my love, THIS medicine is not for you.

And that is okay.

This does not have to be your medicine.
But if it is…

I can offer you the assurance that you will be presented with the opportunity to alchemize your current reality and live into a paradigm of Truth and Selfhood that will bring you to your knees, weeping at the freedom and relief that comes from integrating the fragmented parts of yourself.

It will be painful but my oh my - how fertile that freshly tilled Earth is for new seeds to be lovingly pressed into the soils of YOU and whispered new stories of growth and possibility and allowing. It will be confronting but I promise - you are safe there.

The wisdom of this container is that it doesn’t want you to know what it is or what you will get from it before you begin. It is an invitation from the most Ancient Intelligence to do something radical - to trust.

I said a whole-bodied, wet-pussied, wildly aligned YES to the depth with which I trust Pilar. I said YES having watched her go All In on this medicine herself. I said YES because I have spent the last year getting to know her in witness to her walking her talk, and talking her walk. She is Integrity. She is a good steward of the gifts Spirit tells her to share. She is Earth and Ground and Embodiment in a world dominated by Spiritual Bypass.

Simply put - there is not an ounce, an iota of Bullshit in Pilar Lesko.
You can trust her.
You can trust the choice Money made to work through her.
You can trust Money.

It is okay if you’re not ready,
But if you are…

I welcome you to a chrysalis.
I welcome you to this medicine.

Stefanie Osofsky
Coach, Writer, Pleasure Activist


Christina Echevarria
Transformational Mentor + Breathworker

Money Medicine is about money but it’s also about something so much bigger than that. It’s about consciousness. For me, it was about recognizing and letting go of the stories, illusions, and energies that kept me trapped in believing I wasn’t a creator. That I wasn’t worthy of receiving. That I wasn’t truly safe.

Saying yes to this journey is saying yes to playing in Pilar’s field — which alone is an expansive step into 5D where old constructs and limitations will have to burn to the ground.

Through this initiation I stepped into a new relationship with money where it’s actually a playful game. Where it’s an intimate, loving connection that desires to be mutually nourishing. I stepped into a new embodiment of union with my inner Masculine and Feminine, feeling the harmony of their dance within me. I stepped into a new level of consciousness with which to approach every aspect of my life. If the mystery is calling you into this initiation, trust, and surrender yourself to this powerful vortex.

Meet Your Guide

Pilar Marie Lesko is a Medicine Woman, Lover Priestess, and oh so human.

Having already lived many lives in one, she has a degree and “professional” background in Communications and Marketing in the transformational music festival industry. At a young age, she left any sense of normal life behind and spent three wildly transformative nomadic years traveling the world, living and working on organic farms, studying herbalism, and above all — coming home to Mother Earth and the truest version of herself.


Eternally curious, she is trained in both Clinical & Shamanic Herbalism, Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, Emotional / Energetic Alchemy, Archetypes, Masculine / Feminine Energies, Quantum Healing, and the Feminine Art of Lover Priestessing. She is currently undergoing an Alchemy / Priestess training.

In her private practice and offerings she supports men and women on the path of awakening, liberation, and remembrance. She is a 360-degree mentor, working in the realms of deep healing, intimacy with the self, embodiment, masculine and feminine cleansing, inner union, soulful / radical business, money medicine, and so much more.

Pilar is a Projector and her energy is often described as intense, nourishing, and catalyzing all in one. She is a woman of devotion and lets nothing stand in the way of you and your holiest, truest, most integrated version of self.

In regards to money, before deciding to consciously interact with this medicine — her relationship to it couldn’t have been worse. She birthed her business while living and working on an organic farm, with close to no money. She did not have a cushy job, family financial support, or even a savings account.

She committed to going All In on Money Medicine and within 4 months of going full time in her business, she had tripled her old marketing income and begun to create 5-figure months.

However, to her the numbers are less important. It’s the level of intimacy, trust, and worthiness she’s been able to cultivate in regards to money (and everything that was hiding beneath it) that feels like the truest testament to her commitment. Above all, she is passionate about medicine work and is obeying instructions she has received around stewarding money as a medicine.


PAY IN FULL $1,555.png

Ready to go All In?


A note on numbers

Did you just read through this entire page feeling that undeniable holy YES in your body — only to get down here, see these numbers, and feel your stomach drop?

Been there, friend.

My desire for you is that if this is your experience — rather than quickly writing off your ability to invest in this and leaving the page, you take a sacred pause.

Take three deep belly breaths, ground your energy into your body, and see what’s emerging for you right now. It may be fountains of fear, screaming that this is too much or not possible. It may be a nervousness or unsure feeling of investing in your transformation. Whatever is coming up for you, I invite you to be with it fully.

This is your first chance to have an intentional medicinal experience with money, and to begin to see into your own unique money beliefs and patterns, specifically around investing in yourself.

This could be your chance to turn your investment into an energetic declaration of your new relationship with money; a chance to set an entirely new reality into motion.

Whatever happens in this experience is perfect.



+ When do we start?

This will be updated when the next journey opens.

+ How much of a time/energy investment is Money Medicine?

Each week there is:

  • A lesson to either read or listen to
  • 3-4 weekly assignments
  • Reccomended daily meditations
  • 1 weekly call (90-120 minutes)

Depending on how deep you go into the work, this would be around 3-4 hours per week. As with anything you will always get out what you put in.

+ What happens if I fall behind? Will it be difficult to keep up?

I designed this experience so that if anyone were to fall behind or experience a major setback, you will have the option to continue on at your own pace. I am a huge advocate of taking time for rest, integration, and embodiment. Always check in with what you're truly available for and honor that.

That being said, in committing to this journey I ask that you start to cultivate a new level of energetic management and create the time and space to show up for this experience as the person you are becoming. The more fully you show up, the more you will get out of it.

+ Will I get the results I'm looking for?

The reason I don't have a "results" section on this page is because I've come to find that your journey and subsequent outcome cannot be predicted or assumed. This experience has the potential to change your entire reality in regards to money and many other facets of the human experience. The after-affects of an initiation of this potency are multi-dimensional and endless.

To name a few, past initiates have testified to results such as:

  • Feeling intimate / comfortable with money on an entirely new level
  • Completely transforming the way they were creating money due to a new understanding of their desires
  • Creating more money (due to feeling comfortable with asking for more, gaining a new understanding of their creative desires, and feeling safe to recieve)
  • Healing and birthing a relationship to the Feminine within and without (the affects of this are both surreal and endless)
  • Healing and exalting a relationship to the Masculine within and without (the affects of this are both surreal and endless)
  • Feeling that every part of them was held for the the first time in any container, and the alchemical affects that would have on someone

+ Do I have to join the Facebook group and come to the calls to get the full experience?

No, you are not required to do either.

But, from past journies I've seen that they are both highly impactful and foster a potent sense of community, accountability, and vulnerability.

+ When will lessons be released?

The lessons will be released weekly on Monday mornings (PST). You will recevie them via email and you will need to use Google Drive to access the audio files.

+ Will the calls be recorded?

Yes, all of the calls will be recorded and uploaded into a community Google Drive folder.

+ Any other questions?

Please email magic@pilarlesko.com


By joining Money Medicine, you agree to the standard Terms & Conditions