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Pilar Marie Lesko guides willing + hungry humans into deeper communion with their internal and external landscapes. She is a combination of wise guide and committed coach, specializing in energetics, empowerment, and embodiment. As a professional Astrologer, Human Design Reader, and Shamanic Herbalist the container she creates combines her gift of deep sight with Astrology, Human Design, and plant medicine.

In her offerings she curates a powerful container by combining her vast knowledge of Astrology, Human Design, and herbalism with the magic of her gentle yet piercing intuitive abilities to see into the deepest parts of your being while holding space for your most true and wild nature to emerge.

She is most excited by the “taboo” pieces of ourselves and the human experience that we've been programmed to hide — unexpressed desires, death, shame, intimacy, sexuality, money, the womb, grief, truth-telling, the shadow, et cetera. She has found that in working with these repressed or forgotten pieces, we open ourselves to liberation, call back our power, and touch the holy primordial core of humanness. She brings a grounded, embodied, soul-based wisdom to her work. Her desire for herself & her clients is not ascension but rather, embodiment & reclamation of our wild humanness.

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