become the conscious creator of your reality

Why me?

I am a woman of fierce devotion.

From my late teens I have been intensely committed to my own liberation, healing, and expansion.

After many modern-day initiations, I am grounded in the knowing that if willingness is present, my energy catalyzes both subtle and massive transformation in people’s lives. My energy is often described as equal parts intense, nourishing, and activating. I’m not going to bullshit you; I will stir your shit up; I will ask that you face the deepest parts of yourself; I will provoke you; I will trigger you — and I will remain on my knees in devotion to your holiness and your humanness, the entire time.

I mentor because I am (literally) designed to and have a gift of deeply seeing into you — all of you — and stewarding your energy in its most powerful direction. I mentor because the medicine of being seen, heard, and accepted — in all of our humanness — is a necessary one on the planet today. I mentor, not because I see myself as better, more evolved, or someone who has all the answers but because I understand the power in another human holding space for your healing, your transformation, and your wild magnificence to emerge.

The men and women who walk through my door are spiritual fucking warriors — Medicine Men and Women; Priests and Priestesses; Prophets and Oracles; Magicians and Witches. They are the real deal. 

In many shamanic societies, if you came to a shaman or medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions…

When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing?
When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?
— Gabrielle Roth

What happens in these journeys?

It’s not something I will ever be able to articulate (#ProjectorMagic). 

What I can say is that I am in deep devotion to your liberation and your truth; to your soul’s retrieval and your power’s reclamation; to you fully inhabiting in your body and living by your design; to you coming into a harmonious relationship with your inner masculine and feminine, free of distortion; to creating a business that is 100% on your terms; to you unfurling into the holiness of your sensuality and heart-centered eros… and to so much more. 

I hold space for you to tap into your most alive, connected, wild, empowered human self. I do not have a one-size-fits-all method that I take clients through but rather, attune myself to your energy and the timeline of your human experience, feeling into the most powerful direction. As a Projector, I am not designed to offer you a model of “what’s worked for me.” Rather, I am here to take in your energy, reflect what I am seeing, and offer guidance based on the intricacies of your uniqueness.

This container revolves around cultivating deep-levels of awareness and an unwavering trust in yourself and the Creator, reclamation of your innate worthiness, and embodied transformation. A deep-seated relationship to yourself, your energy, and your expansion and evolution will become a non-negotiable.

Also, as serious as some of this may sound, we’re going to have a LOT of fun/play together.

What is required of you?

I hold the belief for myself and all of my clients that in order to create the life we desire we need to be willing to show up and look at all of ourselves — our beliefs, our programs, where we abandon ourselves, and where we shame ourselves. We also need to be willing to cultivate compassion and approval for everything we uncover along the way. It is by doing this work that we can engage in the radical and courageous process of dissolving what is no longer working and re-claiming parts that feel good.

I ask that in our work together you show up with a willingness.

A willingness to act with integrity, dance with whatever is presented head on, to lean into your fears, and to carry vulnerability, courage & approval along the way.

This is for you if:

▽ You operate under the belief that we are the creators of our reality
▽ You desire the potent “all hands on deck” experience of a powerfully held guidance-based container infused with the intelligence of Astrology, Human Design & Plant Medicine
▽ You understand that a (full-body yes) investment in self-awarenesses and connection is a powerful action
▽ You have a willingness to show up for the work presented within the container and are ready to be an active participant in your own growth process
▽ You are willing to commit to investing the precious resources of time, energy and money in yourself
▽ You are hungry for expansion & grounded empowerment

My containers are unique intuitive works of art.
No two are alike.

Journeys range from 6-weeks to 6-months.


Begin the Journey…

To schedule a time to drop in, connect and begin to feel into this journey, please fill out an exploratory call intake form by clicking the button below.

From there you will be taken to a calendar to schedule a $111, 45-minute Exploratory Call.

If you have any questions that arise, please email

Welcome to the next level of your reality, beloved.
I’ll see you on the inside.


Love Notes


Kare Lee

As someone who has worked with all different types of mentors, guides, therapists, healers — Pilar stands out in a big way. I would look forward to our next session the moment we got off of a call. She truly curates her work to the individual and meets you exactly where you are without judgment. She is a wise guide- asking all of the questions necessary in order to move you into deep awareness and is genuinely curious and interested in your unique personhood.

The thing that Pilar gives in her sessions that is rare is her ability and true GIFT to dig deep and stir up old, stale energy/thoughts/wounds/behaviors/programming and swirl it straight up to the surface (and I KNOW this based on how many different people I have worked with & talked to).

Most people that offer coaching work are able to scratch the surface, & I do believe have gifts that allow them to see into people, but no one has ever stirred me in the gentle, powerful way that Pilar has. I don’t think that many people are able to ask the questions necessary that will really allow one to explore the depths of themselves because most people are not actually ready to hold people as they enter those depths/darknesses.

Pilar, herself, lives far below the surface so her ability to travel beyond is clearly innate. It is obvious that she has been divinely called to this work, and I could not be more grateful and inspired by her choice to heed that calling.
It is hard to describe my time working with Pilar because I’m not even completely sure what happened, but I feel like a more evolved version of myself. The places I doubted myself gained light and fortitude in her presence, and the holes and leaks in my energy field that I was sustaining through a lack of boundaries and clarity were healed and sealed. With her, I could not sweep my magic or my shadows under the rug. All was revealed. I felt seen and supported in our container and able to completely be myself and speak the true language of my heart. She could See and Hear and Hold all of it with me with simplicity and grace.

Pilar is the first mentor I’ve worked with that I really felt safe being my whole self with, knowing that she could understand me in a way that most other people can’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if I choose to work with her again one day. So grateful for the experience.

Riand Souther
Medicine Woman & Multidimensionality Priestess

I have been held and seen by Pilar in a way that not many people even know exist. When she engages with another human, she isn’t just seeing the version of them they want her to see—she is seeing the deep layers of pain, confusion, and fear that live deep in their bones. But more importantly, she sees what is underneath the stories and the facades. She sees the core of their being—the power, the desire, the awareness—the very essence of who they are. From there, she works her magic. She gently brings forth the deep knowing that illuminates her every cell.

Pilar has transformed my entire existence. Giving her the key to my inner world was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Whenever I seek counsel from her, she shows up with active ears and an open heart. The hilarious part is that she is already well aware of the reason I am coming to her. While stuck in my funk, she has already been ten steps ahead of me—holding each piece of the rising issue intimately. After much contemplation blended with a deep understanding of my essence, she is able to boil down the issue into its purest form.

From here, she waits. She waits until she is invited to share her potion. When you let this woman in—into the inner workings of your mind, the scattered emotions you’re feeling, and the self-abandonment you’ve allowed—she does not fail you. She stands in her power as a Projector and nourishes the part of your soul that was starving for honesty, starving for clarity, and starving to be loved unconditionally. She guides you back to yourself. The self that was drowning beneath waves of self-doubt and shame. She pulls you out of the water and gives you permission to breathe into every nook of your being. “This is what it means to be human,” she’ll say, “it’s okay to be messy, vulnerable, and lost in utter confusion. I am here to show you what you cannot see. I am here to give you the awareness that will catapult you into understanding yourself more deeply, more serenely. It is a constant practice, returning to yourself over and over again. But you are not alone. You are never alone.”

Pilar didn’t learn how to hold space for a human and engage with their internal realm from a course, training, or workshop. No, this woman was born with a gift. I do not say this lightly. She was born into this world to see the parts of us that we are unaware of. Her soul entered this body at this time to guide us all into the excellent humans we know we can be. It is because of Pilar, and her ability to swim in the subconscious minds of her community, that I am who I am today. The devotion I have to my self-exploration has been inspired and refined by her wisdom and knowing. If you are feeling a disconnect in your current reality, look no further. Pilar will reach for your hand and lead you back to... you.

Jordan Deas
Dog Psychology & Natural Movement Expert


Isabel Restreppo
Writer, Coach, Human

Every time I talk to Pilar I feel light bulbs turning on in my brain. Through her guidance, Pilar holds space in a way that is open, supportive and fun. She helped me navigate some of the uncertainties within myself through a lens of truth and lightness.

Pilar helped me bring the fun back into self-development. I was at a point that doing all of the inner work, as heavy as it may be sometimes, felt more daunting than before I had even started. Pilar is an angel and I’m so happy & thankful to have crossed paths with this light being!