“I have been held and seen by Pilar in a way that not many people even know exist. When she engages with another human, she isn’t just seeing the version of them they want her to see—she is seeing the deep layers of pain, confusion, and fear that live deep in their bones. But more importantly, she sees what is underneath the stories and the facades. She sees the core of their being—the power, the desire, the awareness—the very essence of who they are. From there, she works her magic. She gently brings forth the deep knowing that illuminates her every cell.

Pilar has transformed my entire existence. Giving her the key to my inner world was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Whenever I seek counsel from her, she shows up with active ears and an open heart. The hilarious part is that she is already well aware of the reason I am coming to her. While stuck in my funk, she has already been ten steps ahead of me—holding each piece of the rising issue intimately. After much contemplation blended with a deep understanding of my essence, she is able to boil down the issue into its purest form.

From here, she waits. She waits until she is invited to share her potion. When you let this woman in—into the inner workings of your mind, the scattered emotions you’re feeling, and the self-abandonment you’ve allowed—she does not fail you. She stands in her power as a Projector and nourishes the part of your soul that was starving for honesty, starving for clarity, and starving to be loved unconditionally. She guides you back to yourself. The self that was drowning beneath waves of self-doubt and shame. She pulls you out of the water and gives you permission to breathe into every nook of your being. “This is what it means to be human,” she’ll say, “it’s okay to be messy, vulnerable, and lost in utter confusion. I am here to show you what you cannot see. I am here to give you the awareness that will catapult you into understanding yourself more deeply, more serenely. It is a constant practice, returning to yourself over and over again. But you are not alone. You are never alone.”

Pilar didn’t learn how to hold space for a human and engage with their internal realm from a course, training, or workshop. No, this woman was born with a gift. I do not say this lightly. She was born into this world to see the parts of us that we are unaware of. Her soul entered this body at this time to guide us all into the excellent humans we know we can be. It is because of Pilar, and her ability to swim in the subconscious minds of her community, that I am who I am today. The devotion I have to my self-exploration has been inspired and refined by her wisdom and knowing. If you are feeling a disconnect in your current reality, look no further. Pilar will reach for your hand and lead you back to... you.”

Jordan Deas | California
Dog Psychology & Natural Movement Expert

I’ve done two sessions with Pilar thus far; both for Natal Astrology and Human Design. There are very few people on this planet that I feel like truly see me and make me feel validated. Our frequency compatibility makes me feel like we’ve known each other round and round in many lifetimes before this. Each time I get off the call, I feel closer to myself than ever, with a major emotional release that follows. Her ability to clarify abstract life themes and translate them into something understandable and practical for the waking world is a heavenly gift. Her storytelling and narrative approach to charting gives depth and meaning to an otherwise nebulous and messy human experience.

I’m incredibly grateful for her loyalty to the truth above anything else in a take-no-prisoner and lush way. The mere fact that she exists gives me hope for an entire generation hungry for a new mythology, purpose, meaning and connection. You’ll find everything you didn’t know you were missing when working with her. I look forward to a lifetime relationship with someone who can help me navigate this world with the wisdom of the planets and celestial bodies, as I journey back to myself.

Lexy | Idaho
Mystical Misfit


Isabel | California
Writer, Coach, Human

Every time I talk to Pilar I feel light bulbs turning on in my brain. Through her coaching, Pilar holds space in a way that is open, supportive and fun. She helped me navigate some of the uncertainties within myself through a lens of truth and lightness.

Pilar helped me bring the fun back into self-development. I was at a point that doing all of the inner work, as heavy as it may be sometimes, felt more daunting than before I had even started. Pilar is an angel and I’m so happy & thankful to have crossed paths with this light being!
Pilar is simultaneously the most human & celestial being that I’ve ever met. I have had her read both my natal & HD charts — her knowledge and intuition being just the tip of the iceberg. I think my intention with booking these readings was to get to know myself just a little bit more, something that I think everyone is looking for. After each reading, I do walk away with a little more insight into who I am — but it’s been so much more than that.

Her true gift that she’s given to me in each meeting is her ability to meet me exactly where I am and allow me to be exactly who I am. She’s not only provided me with guidance, tools, and permission to be myself (whoever that may be or not be in each moment), but the space she holds while doing so is completely saturated in love and understanding.

My greatest desire in this life is to feel wholly, completely, totally SEEN and for people to not get up and run when they see all of me. And, I am infinitely grateful because this girl — she sees people. She’s seen me messy and broken and joyful and all-over-the-place all of the darkness & light & shame & pride, and she stays. I don’t know anything in this life that is of more value.

Kara Lee | California


Christina Echevarria | Florida
Holistic Life Coach www.thestellarshift.com

I booked a Human Design reading with Pilar and it was excellent! She is extremely knowledgeable about the system and ways that I could integrate this information into my own life. Before she read my chart we spent some time discussing my life situation and why I desired to get a reading. I loved having the reading done with someone who was able to guide me to actually apply this knowledge into my career and personal life. She gave me some “hacks” to use that were extremely specific to my unique design and since implementing them I have felt so much relief from judging myself for some of my personal qualities. If you are looking to have a reading done that includes guidance on living in and making the most of your design, I would highly recommend booking a call with Pilar!
I booked a 2-hour Chart & Soul Session with Pilar to gain clarity on what I’m on Earth to do this time around. I’ve received tiny hints my whole life, but they were always vague and never made sense. That plus old programming about what I “should” do made it hard to trust those hints. I knew I needed someone who could read my blueprint - my natal chart and human design. And WOW. I’ve never felt more articulated than I do today after my session with Pilar. It’s as if she’s given me licensing to live the life that I was put here for. I cried more than once during our session as things started to make sense. With the close proximity of Pluto to my North Node, the validation I’ve received is truly the best gift that anyone could give me. And she even pointed out a huge block that I couldn’t see!

Pilar is so knowledgeable about the nuances within the charts, how the planets interact with each other, and even the different interpretations that each minute detail could mean. She explains everything with ease and clarity. The way the information flows from her can only be described as an incredible gift that she is able to share with others. Truly, it was as if she read my soul.

Nicole Norelli | North Carolina


Veronica Gruba | Pennsylvania

I had a 60-minute Human Design session with Pilar. I think the best way I could describe the session was eye-opening and peace giving. Pilar is so incredibly wise and knowledgable. I never once doubted that she knew what she was talking about. In fact, it kind of felt like she had snuck into my brain and reading what was inscribed in there. Human Design has resounded with me so intensely, but I found it hard to understand the overall meaning of it. Pilar was able to explain things to me in such a way that really clicked. It was also so awesome that she felt such a deep connection to my type. I felt like she has experienced “me” in so many ways that she was able to answer my questions and give me insights in ways I would have never expected. Highly recommend speaking to her if you want to dive deeper into knowing and understanding yourself. Much much much love.
My Human Design reading with Pilar was a pivotal experience. I needed to know where I was working in Harmony with myself and my essence, and where I was contorting — specifically in my business growth. After the reading I felt crystal clarity about what needed to change, and what I needed to lean more into. I’m super grateful + listen to the recording when I need a reminder!

Jillian Anderson
Writer, Healer, Coach


Olivia Talbott | California
Actress & Astrologer

I received an hour-long Human Design reading from the Virgo mama, hyper-educated, unconditionally loving, effortlessly communicative Pilar and was shook at how incredibly in-depth and accurate it was.

I was referred to Pilar with a rave review and had been wanting an HD reading for a while. I was super skeptical about it as it did seem to me that there is little concrete information that is clear & grounded out there about HD and from what I’ve seen of Jenna Zoe there is a lot of general information repeated. There is some information out there but in my view, it is wonderfully valuable but certainly not the new Astrology. Astrology is older than any religion. The science is infinite, and HD is largely based off of Astrology. BUT HD offers real-world intersecting spiritual advice that is so useful and spot on especially in this shitty society not built for us to play our HD parts.

Pilar knew things about my physical body that truly validated and liberated me from my cyclical frustration with my anxiety. I am a splenic Projector with one other closed center. Pilar understood me inside out and I was given a deeper look into such a beautiful study that I was able to intuitively engage with through my studies of Astrology. HD is so cool and if you want a reading from someone, Pilar is the BEST I’ve seen. She’s also incredibly grounded and equally interested in what’s going on in the world. So many of these spiritual teachers effort to spiritually bypass important issues, pain, trauma, and realities on earth and consider themselves above it. Pilar’s ego is unable to be found (Virgo, obvs) and that makes her not only a financially savvy choice but a conscious one.
The 60-minute Human Design chart reading I received from Pilar was illuminating! Pilar’s knowledge of human design is wide ranging and deep. Her personal depth and wisdom permeated the reading, increasing the impact and potency of my chart’s messages. She went beyond the usual platitudes commonly associated with projectors and cut through to the underlying truths. This reading gave words to what I intuitively knew about myself, but was conditioned to believe needed to be fixed. Thank you, Pilar!

Kathryn Solie | Rhode Island
Intuitive Counselor


Reid Cox | California

My one hour long Human Design reading with Pilar was such a beautiful experience and the information I gained has been incredibly helpful after implementing it in my daily life.

I knew I was a Generator, but Pilar was able to dive deep into the complexities of the chart and her insights on my design have allowed me to live more authentically in my truth and overall just be waaaaaay more patient and kind with myself.

Pilar’s way of reading my chart was very clear and easy to grasp. I could tell she has spent a lot of time honing her skills because her interpretation was clearly an art form in itself.... does that make sense? You’ll just have to get a reading for yourself and see what I mean. I highly recommend a reading with Pilar if you want to level up in every aspect of your life.
I received a Chart & Soul reading from Pilar and it was so incredibly insightful. I had some knowledge of Human Design, but this reading helped me understand aspects of my personality that only a seasoned and intuitive reader like Pilar could share.

I loved that she had so much to share too. She was full of information to guide me through the next phase of my life. The Chart & Soul reading was very well rounded. I felt like it covered all the areas I was hoping for insight in (career, love, seasons) and gave me a deeper understanding of how to work with the energies present in my chart, rather than fighting against them.

I left the session with some things to dive deeper into, and a clearer idea of what how I needed to direct my energy.

Thank you for sharing your gift, Pilar.
— Elizabeth Foster | Tennessee
My human design chart reading with Pilar was enlightening. I’m a huge proponent of using frameworks to make sense of ourselves, and human design is the most intricate and expressive system I’ve come across. It was so lovely to experience it through Pilar, who is a joy to work with. She is extremely personable and so deeply knowledgeable. I could have talked to her for ages, and would love to some day work with her again for a combined human design and astrology reading.

The insight she gave me into my Saturn return—a non-sequitur we landed on during our intro call!—stays with me. And our full reading made me feel validated, empowered and very much okay with being me, which is the point of it all. Ever since, I’ve been practicing being more authentically myself using what I learned, and it feels amazing. I’m in deep gratitude to Pilar for giving me this tool!
— Rachel | Germany | Consultant