The Pacific Northwest
Medicine Collection


A collection of small-batch medicine, ethically wildcrafted with intention and prayers on a magical organic farm I called home for three years in stunning Hood River, Oregon. Every medicine was created underneath the potent 2017 Winter and Summer Eclipses.

This collection is a moss-filled love letter to my transformative and sacred time among the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest. If you are curious about the experience, you can read about it here. For three years I was a student of the thick feminine forests, the cleansing rivers, the wildly intelligent plant realm, and of the magnificent cascades whose power cannot be articulated with words.

My hope is that these medicines transport you to your own internal forests, rivers, and mountains. And that you are touched, in some way, by the deep transformation, unparalleled acceptance, and blanketing rainy love that the PNW bestowed upon me.


All flower essences come in half ounce dosage glass bottles

If you are outside of the U.S. please send me an email at to find out shipping costs.