15 Weird Beliefs That Helped Me Make $15k Last Month

Business is (through one lens) essentially an alchemical game of belief systems. At least it is to me. And when I fell into the sacred rabbit hole of my good old “business” — I intended to play the most magical, irrational, weird game I could muster.

Describing what I do in said business-land is equal parts hilarious and bewildering.

To put it simply: I do what what I am designed to do. I see, very deeply, into people and guide them.

I steward a journey into the depths of who you are and who you are not — and consequently, facilitate any healing, alchemy and transformation needed to really get in there.

I am a Medicine Woman. And though my preference would be dedicating most of my life to traveling and studying with sacred plant teachers, holding retreats + facilitating in-person work, all whilst living a private-mainly-offline somewhere on a piece of land where the forest meets the ocean — the Divine has other plans for me before that timeline opens up.

As I have continued to listen and obey on this business journey, I have found myself guided into the realms of money medicine and sacred / magical business (enter: hilarious and bewildering).

The main answer I get from people when I ask why they want to work with me: “I have no idea, it just needs to happen.”

The main answer I give when people ask me what I do: “People find me — neither of us no why — and together we go on journey to figure out that why.”

Sure, I have one hell of a toolbox — but at the end of the day, I am a Medicine Woman.

And apparently my most potent and current brews are simmering in the realms of money, business, and everything they connect us to (which is quite literally, anything and everything).

The Business:

The business had its humble beginnings on a small organic farm I was calling home at the time. We work-traded for our rent, woke up to early-morning rooster sounds, took care of lots of plants and animals, and cleaned lots of poop. Day 1 of “official business,” I had less than $400 to my name, a wallet full of food stamps, and dirt-stained hands. I had no family financial support; no cushy side-job; no sugar-daddy, no nothing of the sort.

The Weirdness:

Folks are often quite confused, intrigued, or taken-aback by my business and how I do things. It doesn’t make sense to the Tony Robbins-trained mind, how I could be prospering while simultaneously being so inconsistent, mysterious, confusing, and just plain weird.

After a steady stream of curiosity about “what’s really going on?” and somebody asking if my business was “just one big magic trick?” I decided a small pulling back of the curtain was necessary — and hopefully affirming for those of you who desire to run your business entirely on your own bizarre irrational terms.

Enjoy these 15 beliefs (that helped me make $15k last month) I have around (my) business that, though not always the most rational — have served me well.

1. I am a Projector in the Human Design system and I expect my entire business to orient itself around my design.

When I birthed my business, I still had some residual Projector PTSD (yes, this is a real thing) from a rigorously academic college experience and a short-lived marketing career. At the point of my businesses inception, I had been studying and actively integrating my Human Design for four years. I knew the only way this was going to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually sustainable was if my entire business was in congruence with my design. I was fiercely unwilling to sacrifice the health of my entire eco-system, again.

What does this look like?

A few non-negotiables…

• My energy is #1. I do not max myself out. I am always checking in with how resourced I am and scheduling accordingly. My mentor says, “Self-care is nothing more than supreme energetic management” — an ode to Projector ears 
• 1:1 work (guiding) was the beginning foundations of my business aka the perfect Projector launching-pad
• I wait to be seen, recognized, and invited into things
• I listen to my intuition (Spleen) as much as possible
• I am very selective with whom I share my energy / time with 
• I take all business advice given to me from anyone who doesn’t understand my design, with a large grain of salt
• If something feels like I'm going against my design, I stop 

… and lastly, you will not catch me pumping out content / offerings / unicorns like a good old Manifesting Generator (love you guys) — you will catch me napping during the day and scheduling self-care 2-3 weeks out.

2. I see my business as an entity (a black jaguar to be specific) and I am her steward.

I am my business and my business is also an energy that was birthed through me. 

When I was first asked what my business’s spirit animal was, my conscious mind kicked in and started rambling about how, “It’s definitely an owl or a hawk, because those totems have been with me for years now and...”—”BLACKJAGUAR”—boomed another, much more powerful voice. 

Some of the main facets of the black jaguar totem:

• Silence; privacy; mystery
• Soul retrieval
• Power reclamation
• Guardian / protector 
• One who knows and sees the dark
• Death and rebirth cycles 
• The integrated feminine 

“Whew...that’s a tall order...” —my conscious mind, at the time. 

In the following months, black jaguar made herself known to me through items, visions, meditations, alchemy sessions, and conversations. Multiple psychic friends knew black jaguar was with me before I could even say the words (that’s how you know it's real). 

I make it a point to keep the jaguar close to me and commune with her on a frequent basis.

3. Business is a spiritual practice.

Business as a spiritual practice means there is no separation between business and a connection to the Divine. The sacred is often waiting for us in the most humany-mundane places. The question is, do we have the eyes to see?

Acknowledging business as a spiritual practice also holds me accountable for treating business with the same reverence, respect, and presence that one would ceremony or ritual.

Every aspect of business that we might deem boring, uncomfortable, or commonplace — is a chance to awaken. 

My friend Dave Burns says that “Sales calls are one of the fastest pathways to awakening.

Business can be a ceremony. 
Sales calls can be awakening. 
Marketing can be sacred. 
Money can be medicine. 

4. My business is a mirror from which I cannot hide. (And if I try too, she will hunt me down and tear me to shreds, as a good black jaguar does.)

I’m actually quite grateful I got into my relationship with my partner before starting my business because I wasn’t asblown out by the fact that my business is essentially another high commitment + energetically intense mirror in my life. 

Business — like with anything we find ourselves in relationship with — can be an excruciatingly accurate reflector. With uncanny precision, it will show us where we are hiding, what we are not seeing, where we could listen more deeply, and anything else we desire to know — or, notknow.

When we acknowledge business as a mirror, we’re in full surrender to being worked by our work.

5. Those who work with me are investing in my energy / frequency, not in my qualifications and certifications.

The service-based / healer / coach space is extremely saturated. Which one can perceive as a good thing because through an energetic lens, it means that frequency (and everything that feeds into that) rules. I will tell people, “You could go find hundreds of other people with similar qualifications to mine, what drew you here is my frequency.”

My number one qualification is me. 

My number one certification is my wildly colorful human experience and all of which has been lived, alchemized and integrated. 

Therefore, my number one priority is me, my energy, my well-being, and any initiation that life is presenting me with. 

I strongly believe that the more deeply I open and commit to my own evolution, to innerunion, and to Creator — the more rich my business will be (literally and metaphorically).

6. I do not do things solely because other people are doing them or because I feel like I need them to succeed. 

This is pretty self-explanatory, and also hard to live by.

We are constantly being bombarded with how to have a successful business… “The formula for 6-figure months, How to get a bajillionfollowers, How to sell out your program, The best way to market yourself…”

Anytime I’m doing something from fear, lack, desperation, or scarcity — is exactly when I need to step away from what I’m doing. 

Anytime I emulate something someone else is doing without running it through my own system, it’s energetically felt. I describe it as the hollow feeling — everything looks *normal* but is anyone really home?

Anytime I do something because I feel like it’s the magic trick to success, it’s instantly apparent that it’s not.

One of the easiest ways to begin working with this is to stop intaking tons of people who do similar things to you. This is not because you don’t like these people or want to support them, it’s so you can learn what it feels like to be consistently in your own lane and energy— free of the vast amounts of input the majority of us intake like it’s nothing. You may find that your business, your message, and your truth become clearer and more you.

7. Anything can work for you, as long are your conscious and unconscious wills are fully aligned. 

…Which essentially means that anything we do in business is again, a chance for us to wade through all of our subconscious soap operas (limiting beliefs, worthiness issues, old fragments, distorted templates) and — be relentlessly committed to the discovery of our truest desires and our next set of instructions.  

8. I consistently check-in on my level of attachment to my creations and see what my reaction would be to “dissolving my entire business tomorrow.”

This is essentially holding the paradox and applying it to your business.

When you operate from zero-point, you excitedly and passionately create and, at the same time, are entirely unattached from said creations.

On a simplified level, much of our business snafu’s drip down from selectively hanging out on one end of these poles.

We can begin so enthralled, seduced, and attached to our creations that the I or the ego, take the wheel and starts calling all of the shots. We see only the I’s creationsand lose touch with the Creator.

Consequently, we can become so unattached and removed — like considering ourselves just a vessel for Spirit — and therefore losing sight of any of our humany-egoic fingerprints that are definitely a part of our creations. 

9. I am fully transparent with my copy, my clients, and anyone who wants to know about my business timeline.

Reconciliation and transparency are portal openers.

Lack of reconciliation, integration, and transparency are oftentimes money / client/ business blocks.

Many entrepreneurs have created well-curated walls and masks that give the sense of transparency but are often keeping deeply integral aspects of their business situation private. Which is totally fine, unless you are claiming to be someone who teaches let’s say, financial freedom, yet you are still supported by your parents. Or you’re a relationship coach and are unwilling to reconcile your deeply unfulfilling relationship.

Another situation would be the obvious confusion when you see someone who seems to be doing very well, with very low prices. And then wondering why other people’s are so high. Remember, some people don’t need to price themselves at something that would actually support them because they are financially supported elsewhere (in a place you’ll probably never hear about).

Integrity and walking your talk are everything in this space.

Friends, do not be afraid to ask people to tell you the TRUTH before you take business advice from them and / or model your business after them.

10. The Masculine is the golden key; Hieros Gamos (inner marriage) is the promised land.

I have been in the throws of a multidimensional initiation with the Masculine (that’s for another piece). 

However, as someone who is deeply feminine and ran her business in almost an entirely feminine way up until recently — I now see that for feminine-essenced beings, a cleansed and exalted relationship to the Masculine is the golden key to money, business, relationships, intimacy — and everything else we desire in life.

My distorted relationship to the Masculine (which is something all of us carry in some way or another due to very real human experiences) kept me from bringing this energy into my business out of fear of being sucked back into the tangles of burn out, apathy, and sterility. 

As I have committed to and walked the alchemical pathway of cleansing and exalting my relationship to the Masculine (within and without) my business has strengthened, tenfold. The Masculine I am now starting to dance with is as it was intended — strong, stable, focused, disciplined penetrating, protector, provider — a King.

11. You don’t have to show up online consistently. You don’t have to IG story your whole life. You don’t have to do Facebook lives. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. 

The only way your business will flourish is if it’s 100% on your terms, always. 

Isn’t that relieving? 

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say showing up online consistency is necessary to succeed in business, I’d have tons of dollars.

I don’t disagree with this (I don’t disagree with anyone's business beliefs). However, I know for myself (an introverted, very energetically open Projector who begins to wilt without hefty doses of alone time) — showing up every day, sometimes multiple times a day — sounds like pure hell

There are times where I am resourced to show up consistently and other times where I’m not. And, my business is not contingent on this; my business is contingent on my energy. 

Fun facts:
• I had my first 10k month during a 2-month-longsocial media fast
• I filled up a program that I barely marketed while I was offline for 2 weeks camping and traveling
• My 1:1 clients have most often only seen a very small portion of my content and oftentimes need nothing more than a call with me to say “let’s fucking do this”

The people that are meant for me can feel that my business is still going strong in the background, regardless of whether they’re getting a daily post from me or not. And the people who are not meant for me will think something is terribly wrong because … something must be terribly wrong with someone if they’re not online 24/7… (*lol*)

13. Numbers don’t really mean anything

Numbers are fun, useful, and can give you fascinating and helpful quantitative feedback.

Yet, when it comes to what’s really going on — numbers mean nothing; energy means everything

I currently have very small followings and I do quadruple the business that peers of mine with quadruple the followings are doing.


Because I don’t put an ounce of my worthiness or self-confidence in my numbers and I know that my numbers don’tproduce my income, my energy does. 

14. Branding, logos, niches, and perfect Instagrams — are as important as you make them.

I think branding, logos, having a niche, and beautiful Instagrams are great— if you’re fully behind them and if they feel like truthful and authentic representations of your energy. 

Do you need them to be “professional” and do well?


There is a distinct difference between someone whose brand / presencemagnifies and amplifies their magic and someone who is using all of these things like layers and masks, ultimately draping heavy curtains over their essence. There’s that same feeling of everything here looks nice, but something feels off. 

I see business as 10% front end glitz and glam (logos, branding, aesthetics, copy) and 90% frequency.

My belief? My frequency is my brand. And in 5D, frequency is all that matters. I am a constantly evolving, transformation-death/rebirth-loving, wild, holy, feminine woman. SO, try and slap a logo on that why don’t ya?

15. My work cannot be replicated.

The more I am imitated, the stronger my channel is getting.

As my business has grown, more and more people have quite mimicked my words and work.

There is a vast difference between someone who is inspired by my words, takes the time to marinate upon the wisdom, and then produces their own work that is an offspring of that vein of inspiration — and — the person who hears what I said or reads what I wrote and immediately turns around and produces an almost exact replica. 

It appears in the online space there is no way to escape this. What I have come to understand and believe, though, is that my work cannot be replicated. And when someone is simply regurgitating what they’ve heard without going through any sort of process to integrate —it’s felt.

• • •

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