Projector Energy Hacks (Part Two - Self Care & Energy Management)

This topic is near & dear to my heart as my journey of accepting, loving & managing my own energy is something I am working with every day. My mantra for 2018 is “give from the overflow” & I think this perfectly encompasses an issue that all Projectors run into. How do we fill our cups (energy) before pouring into other people & things? How do we work most gracefully & efficiently utilize the limited energy we have?

I see two clear pathways to energy management: self-care & honest evaluation + aligned action. The goal is that the two eventually are happening synonymously, or even, in symbiosis with each other (self-care empowers evaluation + action which produces results that feedback into your self-care). However, when first starting to live & integrate your design, self-care & energy management will create the space for clear feedback around what needs to be evaluated & then, what action needs to take place.  


Keep in mind, I’m going to use the term self-care with the understanding that this will encompass energy management — which is, in today’s society, a BOLD expression of empowerment & self-care. I’m not going to go into every aspect of what a big term like self-care could include, but will focus specifically on practices that assist energy management. Something I always tell Projectors is to be RUTHLESS in your pursuit of self-care. If you are truly wanting to live your design & your highest expression, you must realize that the foundation to all of this is de-conditioning & taking care of yourself — body, mind & spirit. If you aren’t tending to the soil, then the seed won’t have the opportunity to grow into its healthiest & fullest expression.

Remember, self-care looks different for everyone. Just because your sister meditates for 30 minutes every morning doesn’t mean you have to. Just because you heard this woman you admire say on a podcast that she drinks a gallon of aloe vera juice every morning, doesn’t mean it’s right for you or again, that you have to immediately order yourself a tank of aloe vera juice.


Look to see where your open centers are. This is where you could fall into thinking that what’s right for someone else is right for you. I see this happening all the time with all sorts of practices: “Wow! That’s working so well for her, therefore, it’s going to work as well for me!” Check in with your body around this whenever you feel it. Are you wanting to do this from a place of true embodiment? Or are you coming at it from a place of desperation / lack / worthlessness?

+ This will fix me VERSUS I know that there is nothing wrong with me & that I am not broken, this will only assist me into a deeper communion with myself.

+ This external thing will give me power VERSUS I know my power never lies outside of me but that there are external practices that can assist me in tuning deeper into the power & wisdom within.

+ I have to do this now; this is the answer to all my problems! VERSUS I’m going to check in & see how this feels in more than just my mental body & if this is something I’m truly desiring to invest my time (the most precious resource I have) into.  

Human Design teaches us that we all have different rhythms; some of us need routines, some of us need something different every day, some of us find a routine & as soon as it starts to feel good - NEVERMIND! Onto something new. That being said, the list I am going to provide are some of my most loved & trusted practices.

Please note, not all of these worked for me simultaneously. Some of these I knew about for years but was only able to conceptualize & not ready to bring into my whole being. Some of them I tried with the intention to "fix" & was unable to receive the sustainable medicine they offer.

Essentially, the message I’m trying to get across is to always feel into your intention & that you know, more than anyone, what feels good for you. Use this an opportunity to let your body & your authority guide you on what’s exciting you from a grounded place or what’s exciting you from a desperate, frenetic place. I am intentionally keeping this list accessible, affordable & practical. Self-care does not have to grandiose & expensive to be effective. Lastly, if you’re wanting to see just how uniquely self-care can be perceived & manifest in people’s lives — I highly recommend listening to the Self Care Club Podcast with Natalie Ross (who happens to be a magical example of a Reflector living her design).


+ S L E E P
Briefly, a couple key points; put yourself to bed at least an hour before you are tired. This could mean laying in bed reading, writing, listening to calming music or breathing — as long as whatever you’re doing is helping you to wind down. This does not include being on your phone as Projecting doesn’t stop in the physical world. If you live in an apartment or house with roommates who have defined Sacral’s, try & make sure your bed is as far away from theirs as possible.

If you sleep with a partner every night who has a defined Sacral, know that you will continue taking in their Sacral energy as you sleep & this could be contributing to any sleep problems you’re experiencing. Note: there are ways to work with this. If your partner has an open sacral — congratulations, you’ve called in a compatible energetic sleep mate!

+ N U T R I T I O N
Another highly layered topic as I’m sure you’re all gravely aware of. In readings, I can go deeply into variables (the arrows) which tells about how you eat, what you eat & the best environment for you. However, the subjectivity & layers around this run very deep. There is an entire advanced system of Human Design called PHS (Primary Health System) that goes into the body within the bodygraph. Each center is associated with a system in your body & just like in medical astrology, can be utilized to see possible or current health issues.

Human Design also teaches that because Projectors are non-energy types & all around have a slower energy, they are oftentimes grazers; preferring to eat small meals & snacks throughout the day. Keep in mind a Projector with motors (Energy Projector) will have more energy than a Projector without them (Mental & Classic). Again, before you fall into the complexities & confusion of a system being able to tell you how your physical body works better than you think you can — remember, you have access to all of this all of the time. While these systems are greatly beneficial, recognize; this information doesn’t need to be handed to you for you to know it. You have access to all of it. Yes, the journey into right relationship to your body means you will most likely be confronted with patterns, programming & shadows, but, there is a deliciousness & excitement in the shadow. It’s all nuggets on the path of liberation.

I don’t agree that a blanket statement way of eating will suit every Projector out there & encourage you to investigate your own relationship to your body & food. As women, we carry lifetimes of conditioning & programming in these highly sensitive & primal areas & before you decide any diet is right for you because someone said so — CHECK IN. What is your relationship to your body? How often are you in your body? What is your relationship with food? What programs did your parents pass on to you surrounding food? Do you use food as a way to control? Do you feed yourself from a place of love or a place of fear & non-acceptance?

I don’t feel this is the post to go deeply into this topic, as this journey is not necessarily HD related & I feel it wasn’t until this last year that I started truly LISTENING to my body in a grounded way & not the programming I’d taken on (hello, 7 open centers). But I can confidently say after journey’s with anorexia, bulimia, binging, vegetarianism, veganism, raw veganism, paleo & keto — I’d like to propose that sometimes, your pursuit of health could be the very thing that’s keeping you unhealthy.

Always ask, again — where is this coming from? And know that your vessel will always be changing to reflect your relationship to it along with your internal & external journeys. Perhaps that extra weight is protecting you from something & there is still fear residue leftover, or your inability to digest properly is asking you to look at what isn’t being digested in your life. The body is our wisest & truest teacher. I urge you to compassionately declare your desire to come into a loving, accepting, trusting & compassionate relationship with it — & be ready for the Universe to bring everything to the surface that is preventing that relationship!

Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

Women, Food & God by Geneen Roth

Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life by Michelle D. Seaton and Suhas G. Kshirsagar

+ M O VE M E N T

Notice I didn’t say exercise (more on that later). HD tell us because Projectors are slower & their movement practices should be as well. Again, I think this is a very subjective & mutable topic depending on a number of factors. The more motors you have, the more you may benefit from higher intensity workouts. Remember, movement should be a natural extension of your energy.

Yoga with Adriene

5Rhythms - This dance practice has changed my life in so many magical & impactful ways; how I move through emotions, how I feel being in my body, expressing myself through movement, reconnecting to my primal nature & so much more.

Ecstatic Dance - A practice that has been pivotal in finding my freedom of expression in my body & playing with the energy of intimacy separate from sex.

MovNat - Natural Movement; more on this later!


The first few practices are going to revolve around plants. I am a trained herbalist & study the Wise Woman Tradition, gifted to us by Herbalist, Susan Weed. Both The Wise Woman Tradition & Herbalist, Sophia Rose have taught me that the medicine we need is always outside our door (work with local plants first before ordering your herbs online). When first working with herbal medicine there is a loss of magic & connection when ordering all of your herbs & medicine online from plants you’ve yet to form a relationship with in person. All of the native plants in your area are perfectly designed to assist with the collective health issues that also exist in that area.

Second, from the Wise Woman Tradition, when first working with herbal medicine, work with one plant at a time. Get to know the personality, spirit & energy of a single plant before you jump into mixing energies (as Projectors, this should make a lot of sense). Plant medicine can be simple, local & accessible if you allow it to be. Lastly, plants deliver you the medicine you need, not always the medicine you want. These are highly intelligent beings who can feel into every nuance of what you’re actually needing to become more whole. They can be both compassionate & firm, gentle & fierce. They are my most trusted allies when it comes to self-care & energy management nothing has taken me deeper into my various bodies (emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual) than plants.  

+ S M U D G I N G

This is one of the most sacred & ancient practices we have today. Smudge as much as feels good for you. I have gone through phases of smudging up to 4x a day when I was living & working in toxic environments. I always urge people who would like to smudge to ethically forage your own plants for your smudge. Doing this allows you to connect to the local / native plant species in your area & to program your plant material with intentions for your smudge. PLEASE don’t buy big sage bundles from health food stores. These companies are usually not as ethical as they claim & are oftentimes responsible for what’s currently happening to the sacred White Sage plant who has been on United Plant Savers “To Watch” list for a number of years now. A lot of people are unaware that you don’t have to smudge with just sage. Smudging is something all of our ancestors practiced from all over the world. Wherever you live, there is a local plant you could lovingly & ethically forage & utilize for smudging. (For example, I smudge with cedar when I’m in the PNW, sage when I’m in Southern California, mugwort when I’m in Northern California, etc.)

United Plant Savers Species at Risk

Ethical Wildcrafting Guide

Susan Weed

+ F L O W E R E S S E N C E S

My favorite plant medicine for energy management. The first thing I recommend with essences is again, to make your own. This is an easy, magical & intentional process that will imprint the essence with your specific intentions for the medicine. If this isn’t something that interests you, I urge you to seek out local herbalists who can provide you with flower essences made from the plants you live among. You can always buy any essence your heart desires online but, keep in mind the gaps in connection between the plant & it’s journey to you. I do order essences from herbalists I feel connected to, that are made with plants that are not local & they are always extremely powerful. Again, I feel intention is everything.

My favorite essences I’ve made for energy management & protection are Cedar & White Yarrow.

+ I N F U S I O N S

Infusions are quite possibly the easiest herbal medicine. All you need is a local non-poisonous plant & hot water. A couple recommendations for infusions to help with energy are nettles & lemon balm.

Energy & Stamina the Wise Woman Way

+ E F T

This is something you can do anytime, anywhere. EFT can be utilized for protection, moving through triggers, emotional healing, calling upon more energy; all of it.

Tapping with Brad Yates

+ B R E A T H W O R K

Can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like it to be. I find alternate nostril breathing to be most helpful for both grounding into & boosting my own energy.

+ S O L I T U D E + N A T U R E

Take breaks at or from work where you can be totally alone. Even if this means sitting in the bathroom for 10 minutes & breathing. Also, if these breaks can be taken outside, even better. I used to eat my lunch on the roof when I worked in downtown LA & it was the most rejuvenating time of my day. Take your shoes off, lay on the grass, hug a tree (tree hugging is probably one of the best-kept secrets of both grounding & receiving Earth energy).

+ Y O G A T O E S + M I N I M A L S H O E S

Switching all of my shoes to minimal footwear has been MAJOR in coming back into my body (correctly) & feeling a constant cord to the Earth energy that is always available to us. If you don’t have minimal shoes, take your shoes off at work & feel the difference in energy. I try & go barefoot as often as possible. When I can’t do that, I wear minimal shoes.

+ N A T U R A L M O V E M E N T

Like the shoes, this has changed my life when it comes to proper use of my physical body & the amount of energy this pours into my day & all around well being. It is mindblowing the amount of energy that’s possible when you’re using your body properly. Over the past year through Katy Bowman & MovNat, I’ve learned to walk, stand & sit correctly. I’ve also realized that the creation of exercise (which is very beneficial for a lot of people) has strayed us from our ability to be engaged in proper movement throughout the day, in everything we do. My housemate (a natural movement expert) has helped me convert to rarely using furniture & sitting on the floor with a bolster.

Earth Runners



Yoga Toes

Katy Bowman’s Books

• Katy Bowman’s Podcast: Nutritious Movement

Esther Gokhale; teacher of Primal Posture

+ B O D Y M E D I T A T I O N S

Dropping back into your body is an amazing way to check in with what you’re taking on, how much energy you actually have, & where you’re existing in your body.

+ C R Y S T A L S

These incredible specimens work as much as you believe they do. Minerals have been with me on my entire spiritual journey & I’ve had too many profound experiences with them to ever think that they’re NOT doing anything. From an energetic perspective - like plants, minerals are purely from the Earth - they are buzzing with some of the purest & densest energy we have on the planet today. We, as energetic beings, are both affected by & able to utilize this energy. My favorite’s for grounding & energy are Aragonite, Fire Agate, Obsidian, Hematite, Iron or Petroleum included Quartz

+ A C U P U N C T U R E + M A S S A G E + R E I K I

I purposely tried to keep this affordable for all financial situations but need to mention these modalities as they have all helped me with energy management throughout my journey. I see all of these not as money wasted but as worthy investments towards self-care & health.


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