Projector Energy Hacks (Part One - Types)

This is a huge topic so I’ve decided to split it into three parts. The first part is going to touch on the different types of Projectors & how type plays into work & career. The second will focus on self-care & energy management. And, the final post will cover evaluation & aligned action.

I’d like to preface this with acknowledging that all of this information is a combination of my studies, readings, lived experiences, contemplations & downloads. I never believe what I perceive around any system as objective truth. In my opinion, Astrology & Human Design are so exciting because we all form different perceptions of the systems & archetypes we’re studying. So while there will always be overarching themes, our perceptions will vary as they’re colored by our different & unique human experiences.

As Projectors we aren’t designed with sufficient (Sacral) energy to work the societal standard 9-5 / 40+ hours a week. The widely accepted sweet spot for work & human interaction is 3-4 hours a day. This can vary depending on motors in your chart. There are 3 different types of Projectors; Mental, Energy & Classic. The type you are will play into how you call on & use energy.

A couple Projector-wide experiences when it comes to work & Sacral energy:

+ Looking around & asking WHY? Why do I not have the same energy output as those around me? What is wrong with me? Then using this pressure as unconscious fuel to pretend to be an energy type. “If they can do it, I can do it!” Most Projectors alive today have spent the good majority of their lives pretending to have a Sacral when it comes to their work / career.

+ This pretending leads to myriad health issues; adrenal fatigue, migraines, a weakened immune system, bodily aches, food allergies, carrying extra weight, etc.

+ This can also lead to addictions / dependencies to stimulants of all varieties to keep falsely tricking the Sacral into thinking it has definition.

+ Having a very difficult time shutting down or turning off (this is amplified if you have an open Root center).

+ Falsely believing that your co-workers / employees defined Sacral energy you’re feeding off of is yours. Then going from 100 to 0 as soon as you’re alone & without other Sacrals to take in.

I could write extensive posts on each of the types & do go into much more detail in a Reading or Session. What I write about here is not taking into account your unique design — authority, profile lines, variables, etc. The type of Projector you are affects all aspects of your life. For now, I’ll touch on their different relationships to work & energy.  


Any combination of defined Head, Anja & Throat centers with all centers underneath undefined. The first major aspect that can influence your energy at work is the environment. Mental Projectors are HIGHLY influenced by their environment. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that they enter into a work environment that is correct for them on a number of levels; communication styles & dynamics (this one is HUGE), aesthetic, noise, light, interpersonal dynamics, location, etc.

The second major aspect is confusing your highly attuned mental energy for Sacral energy — while you may be someone who can think very deeply about things or perhaps, speak with power — these qualities are not to be confused with Sacral energy. Don’t trick yourself into believing your thoughts, excitement, inspiration, or creativity are Sacral energy. This is a sure fire way to burn out.

Thirdly, recognize that the people you surround yourself with at work are going to have MAJOR impacts on you. Taking the time to recognize who is impacting you in positive ways & who is impacting you negatively is crucial. A Mental Projector could have a co-worker who has the belief that long hours are correlated to success & simply because you work with them, you could take on that belief as yours. Be diligent in taking inventory of your conscious & unconscious beliefs within the workplace that could possibly be you picking up on the social environment.

Lastly, your decision-making process always involves using someone else as a sounding board to hear your authority — it is crucial there is someone inside of your workplace who can hold this space for you. Or, if not — someone you’re close with that you can check in with on work-related invitations & energetics you’re needing clarity on.


Defined by having one or more motors (excluding the Sacral center) defined in their design. Energy Projectors have more access to energy than any other type of Projector. While these other motors are still NOT Sacral energy each has a unique fundamental role in providing you with a consistent connection to the motors type of energy — which can (for a limited amount of time) act as work energy. For example, an EP with a defined Root (a pressure center) will have sporadic access to the pulse of adrenaline energy. An EP with a defined Heart / Ego will have consistent access to willpower.

The issues that arise with EP’s begins when they mistake the motor energy as Sacral energy & in an attempt to discharge or start utilizing the motor energy — they say yes to things that are not correct for them or find themselves doing lots of things they don’t enjoy doing. EP’s will find themselves initiating (always wrong for a Projector) work just to release the pressure of the motor or committing to work that’s not in alignment with them. EP’s more than any other type of Projector needs to be extremely careful in the work invitations they’re responding to — are you responding simply because a motor has turned on & you’re feeling the pressure to do? Are you responding because this person believes you have the energy output to complete it because of past experiences in which you bypassed checking in if this was a correct invitation & finding yourself in a situation you disliked / were burnt out by? Yes — you do have the extra motorized energy to work with, but because of this, you need to be discerning about where you want to put that energy. Always pause & slow the process down as soon as you’ve received a workplace or career-oriented invitation.  


Definition lies below the throat center & has no defined motors (Emotion, Root & Heart/Ego centers). Classic Projectors will oftentimes have fewer problems with confusing their defined centers as Sacral energy. They also have the ability to sample other people’s Sacral & motorized energy, testing & seeing if it feels correct for them. While this can be an extremely beneficial process it can also induce a false excitement. A feeling that because this feels so exciting right now or because I’ve been programmed into believing this is what my excitement should be, this must be correct for me long term.

Because of this CP’s are very susceptible to a few different aspects that can impact their ability to work. Before starting to implement their design, they will often have had or will currently be in work & career-related experiences of doing things they don’t enjoy, working HARD to please other people, saying yes to opportunities that are not right for them to move up a ladder they’ve been programmed to believe is the correct path for them, filling their schedule as a means to be successful & ultimately burning out. Adrenal fatigue (as noted above) is something all Projectors are highly susceptible too, but I see most often affecting CP’s. CP’s can start feeding off of & magnifying the false excitement they’ve been conditioned into believing is right for them & very quickly find themselves in work situations that quite literally drain them of their physical, emotional, mental & spiritual energy.

For CP’s it is imperative that they become conscious of what is present in there work & career simply because of programming & what is there because they are soul-fully aligned with it. Additionally, they need to be hyper-vigilant of the Sacral & motor energies they are taking in & amplifying of those around them. CP’s need to be very picky when it comes to who they’re working with, for or above. All that glitters is not gold & as a Projector, you have an incredible ability to tune into & sense this.


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