Projector Energy Hacks (Part Three - Evaluation + Aligned Action)

This is the final post of the 3-part Projector Energy Hacks series. So far, I’ve covered the different types of Projectors & how this plays into work & career. Then I went into a list of different energy hacks based on self-care practices that could provide support to you on your journey to reclaim & maintain more life-force energy. In this post, I’m going to wrap it all up with two key components: evaluation & aligned action. Let these words meet you where you’re at in your journey — this guidance is applicable to any Projector; no matter how aligned or misaligned your current situation may be.

You’ve figured out the type of Projector you are & are starting to build awareness around that. You’re implementing self-care practices that resonate with you & give you the extra boosts of self-love & energy you need in your work life. Yet - your situation still feels out of alignment. This is the part of the journey where you must stop & evaluate. Evaluation is part of the natural rhythms of life. The season of Winter asks us to slow down, take stock of our lives & see what we need to let die, in order to clear space for the new seeds. As without, so within. Just as we see the seasons happening outside, they are happening in our inner landscapes as well.

“Nothing in nature blooms all year, be patient with yourself.”

When I say evaluate I mean create the space to get ruthlessly honest with yourself about your current reality with your work & career. This is where you need to take full responsibility both for co-creating this reality & in your ability to shift it. As Projectors, we are meaning & purpose seekers. Part of our design is the inherent yearning to feel seen, recognized & invited for our gifts. We crave depth & fulfillment in our careers & most often can feel drained & as if we’re rapidly decaying without these components.

Some ideas & questions to get started for all Projectors & based on authority:

+ How quickly do you feel drained by your work?

+ Are you in some way, shape or form using your unique Projector skills within your current work?

+ Are feeling seen, recognized, invited & heard integral facets of your work?

+ If your work isn’t lighting you up - are you able to see how it is a lilypad floating you to a future experience that will?

+ Close your eyes, take some deep belly breaths & let your imagination show you the highest vision of you in your purpose - what are you doing? What does it feel like in this vision?


+ As you ride your wave, what is the composite or average feeling you get around your current work?

+ Where does your wave most often take you while you’re working?

+ Do you feel emotionally connected to what you’re doing? This is SO important for you.

+ Do you feel an emotional bond to any of your colleagues or others in the same field as you? Again, SO important.


+ Get in touch with your Spleen. While this is the most difficult authority to start to work with, when more in touch with it, there should be a clarity & directness around what is or isn’t right for you.

+ When you are present - what are the intuitive hits / downloads you receive in relation to your current work / career? Start with more micro questions if you’re unable to get hits around the macro.

+ Think back to different points in your work & investigate as to whether you’ve already gotten splenic hits - that may have been clouded by your mind, programming, external influences, etc.


+ Do you sometimes feel a natural current of willpower flowing through you in your work / career? Or does the willpower you utilize feel forced?

+ When you are not thinking - what do you do or say about your work that might lead you to answers around whether it’s correct for you or not?

+ When you talk to others (without thinking) about your career / work what comes out of your mouth & what does it sound like?

+ Does the flow & frequency of your voice change as you speak about your work?

+ Are you going to others looking for answers or are you intentionally going to others as sounding boards, knowing the answer will come from your Ego & out of your Throat?


+ When you talk to others (without thinking) about your work what comes out of your mouth & what does it sound like?

+ Does the pitch, tone or frequency of your voice change as you speak about your work?

+ When you speak about your work & how you feel about it, is there a natural flow or do you feel fragmented?

+ Are you going to others looking for answers or are you intentionally going to others as sounding boards, knowing the answer will come from your Identity & out of your Throat?


+ How does your work environment affect you? Investigate this on multiple levels; sounds, smells, people, dynamics, location, etc.

+ How does your body feel at work & when you’re working?

+ Does this feeling change based on external factors?

+ When you talk to others (without thinking) about your work what comes out of your mouth & what does it sound like?

+ Does the pitch, tone or frequency of your voice change as you speak about your work?

+ When you speak about your work & how you feel about it, is there a natural truth to your voice or do you feel confused?

From here - let’s separate into groups:

• Those feeling fulfilled by their work

• Those who are unsure

• Those who know what they’re doing is misaligned


I work with a lot of Projectors who feel aligned to & passionate about their work, yet are still struggling to meet the hours or demands of the job. For example, you’ve created a career where you are inherently seen, recognized & invited for your magic but are starting to acknowledge that you don’t have the Sacral energy to keep up with the demands. There are lots of ways to alter your reality available to you to best suit your energy output.


+ A w a r e n e s s
The first step before choice & action is awareness; get honest with yourself about whether the current energy output in your job is something you’re sustainably capable of.

+ F l e x i b i l i t y & F l u i d i t y
Are there any ways you can create more flexibility in your work schedule? Working from home a couple days a week, passing off projects to other people, learning to say NO more, etc.

+ P r i o r i t i z e
As a Projector you have a peak window in which you work most efficiently. Figure out when this peak window is & use it to your advantage; prioritize your most important tasks within that window. I like to use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix for help with this.

+ S p e a k U p
As Projector’s one of the most valuable things we can do both for ourselves & other Projectors is to start talking about the way our energy works. This doesn’t mean you start shoving HD down everyone’s throats or use it as a crutch or excuse. This means, when the timing feels right, putting words to the way your energy works. “I’m someone who takes on others energies quite easily so I do my best work alone or at home.” “I am most efficient in the mornings.” “Working 40+ hours a week has very rapid negative effects on my health, so I’m working to create a schedule that places more priority on my well-being.”

+ C h a n g e
For Projector’s in a job they love, it can be hard to admit that they don’t have the same energetic output as colleagues or peers. Part of being this energy type is learning to acknowledge & honor the way you work. For some, this means altering their schedule in ways that ask you to get out of your ego. Are there other types of work or streams of income you could create that would allow you the re-charge time you need to show up fully for the work you love? A mantra to keep in mind when working with change - give from the overflow.


I see a lot of Projectors stepping into HD who are starting to question if what they’re doing is both aligned & energetically correct for them. I also see mass amounts of confusion around work, career & purpose. Feeling confused & lost when it comes to all these things is normal & probably a good sign as you aren’t taken what’s handed to you as your own truth. I see this confusion & the investigation & growth that follows as a modern-day initiation.

I don’t see purpose as separate from your unique essence. However, there is work required to get in touch with this. This is where the de-conditioning component of experimenting with HD comes in. In order to uncover that essence or purpose, you need to compassionately dismantle anything standing in the way of it. The next component is the idea of distribution or sharing. How do you share your essence? Oftentimes, we must do this free of financial gain before we can transform it into something that makes us money.


+ A d v i c e & I n f o r m a t i o n D e t o x
If you’re already feeling unsure this is a sign that you need to stop intaking information. Projectors can so easily see into other people but oftentimes struggle to see into themselves. This can add to being an already impressionable person & can also lead to running the program of the answers being outside of you & giving your power away. Confusion is signal letting you know you’re off your center.

+ S o c i a l M e d i a F a s t
Again, if you’re already confused, it’s likely that social media isn’t going to be helpful. Now this will vary based on your self-awareness, programming & definition but most Projectors I read are very easily influenced by social media. Remember, Projecting doesn’t only exist in the physical; your aura penetrates into every curated account you visit (emphasis on curated). When confused about what you want to be doing, social media can be a dangerous place. Are you falling into comparison? Are you getting off feeling more confused & in a lower place of worth when you got on? Are you assuming that what you see others doing is what you should be doing because they look happy & fulfilled? This is something that could be unpacked much deeper then I am doing here. However, these questions are a good place to start.

+ S p a c e
If you’re feeling heavily influenced by the people & situations in your life & you know on some level that this is only adding to your confusion, create some S P A C E ! This can be as extreme or as gentle as you’d like it to be. Commit to spend an hour every day outside with your journal & no phone. Take a solo camping trip on the weekend. Put yourself in a new environment where you will be stretched out of your current comfort zone.

+ P a s s i o n P r o j e c t s
This isn’t where I’m going to tell you to take your side passion & turn it into your dream job because I’m well aware of how that can get even more confusing. But I am going to implore you to see where you are finding joy in your life & to create more space for those things. When I was stuck in a job that was totally wrong for me I spent all my free time researching Astrology, HD, Herbalism & Carl Jung. I started taking Herbalism classes at night & doing as many free readings as I could, purely because it was all so exciting to me! There were no expectations for these to become *the thing* I did, I was just letting myself play & explore.

+ D e s i r e d F e e l i n g s
If you’re not clear on what the *things* are, then what are the feelings you’re craving? Is it freedom? You can create that right now by going on a solo hike once a week. Is it nourishment? Start taking a weekly bath & committing to cooking yourself dinner a few times a week. I highly recommend Danielle Laporte’s, Desire Map for this area. She takes you through an entire workbook where you figure out your core desired feelings for your life & then create actionable steps to create those right now. This will be especially beneficial for those with Emotional Authority.

+ D e c l a r a t i o n s , R i t u a l s & M a g i c
These are my favorite ways to co-create with the Universe. You can declare literally anything you’d like to the Universe & it will immediately respond. However, keep in mind when declaring what you want to the Universe, oftentimes before you can receive the clarity you desire; everything blocking this needs to come up to the surface of your consciousness. Declarations are in no way an easy, spiritually by-passing type of journey. For example, you declare that you’d like clarity around everything in your life that’s blocking you from your ideal career & work. Be prepared for those things to make themselves known to you, sometimes not in the most comfortable of ways. Then, be ready to show up for the work.

Rituals & Magic are, as Carolyn Elliot puts it, “intimacy with reality.” This is a huge area to unpack. I recommend looking into different ways to intersect the spiritual & the material planes. Some examples I love to work with are altars, rituals, writing, offerings, plant spirits & planetary deities. As humans, there is something so satisfying to ground our practices into the physical & material plane.


There is a global epidemic of people working jobs or in major careers that are out of alignment with who they are. Waking up & realizing how wrong your work seems to be a modern day epidemic. I see this in Projectors quite often as some of the major themes within this energy type include: taking on conditioning & programming that pushes them to act like energy types, surrounding themselves with Sacral beings whom they’re always trying to keep up with, passivity, people-pleasing, boundary issues, difficulty with taking aligned action, etc. The Projector realizing they’re a Projector & simultaneously seeing how misaligned their work is for them is a common story. Please remember, you are never as stuck as you think you are.

If you know your work is misaligned but are also feeling unclear, go back & read the aligned actions for UNSURE before you continue.


+ R e s p o n s i b i l i t y
The first thing that needs to be done before anything can be shifted is you taking responsibility for your reality. Claim your power as the magician of your life. Without embodying this, you will still be running the program of giving your power away or life happening *to you* not through you.

Please Note: I do not tread lightly around this piece as I am gravely aware of how many peoples realities are by & large, a product of systemic racism & oppression. And because of this, you can only claim the pieces that were not handed to you by a faulty system.

+ I n v e s t i g a t e & A s s e s s
So, you know you’re work is misaligned & you’re wanting to shift into something else. Even if you’re Fire & Air heavy or an Energy Projector, slow your process down. Investigate your current situation & assess which type of action would be correct for you. This is where you need to look at both practical matters (finances, location, etc.) & the spiritual (emotions, energetics, what your soul needs). This investigation & assessment can never be done or answered for you by someone else, this is all about you knowing yourself & what you’re ready for.

+ V i s i o n
A vision is SO important (I’m in the process of learning this right now). This is a more masculine work-related quality that so many of us feminine dominant creatures don’t utilize because we’re stuck in wanting to *flow* which is dictated entirely by our feelings. You need a vision for your work; it can be very loose (right-oriented people) or it can be specific & strategic (left-oriented people). This isn’t something to get attached as needing to happen exactly how you’ve imagined it. Rather, this will be the energetic wave that carries you into your new work-related reality. Without a vision you will end up meandering aimlessly without direction. Your vision is something that will always be evolving with you.

+ P l a n
Once you have your vision, a plan of action should follow. Again, for some people this can be very loose & for other this will be very specific & strategic. The plan is going to give you the structure you need day-to-day to create your vision. What needs to be done on a daily basis as you work to shift? If you’re starting a new business, this is so important. If you’re saving up to leave your job, identify your goals for amount & length of time. If you’re changing jobs, start those actionable steps to create this.

+ L e a p s
Leaping doesn’t always have to be extreme (although the extreme leaps can be very transformative). Some advice I always give surrounding leaps; look at worth & fear. Leaping without feeling worthy of something better is a quick way to either fall flat on your face or right back into the same energetics of the situation you lept out of.

There needs to be a part of you that is embodying the worth of claiming something better. This doesn’t mean using self-worth as a crutch that blocks you from leaping, this means finding the fire inside of you that KNOWS there is something more aligned that you deserve.

Fear; I see two kinds of fear before leaps. The first is when you’re truly petrified because you don’t feel worthy & you’ve never expanded your subconscious through seeing other people you relate to, doing something similar. The second kind of fear is the butterflies in your stomach, magical fear that we’ve all experienced many times in our lives. You’re scared & uncomfortable but it’s actually just excitement. If you can start to view this fear as excitement you’ll see they’re one in the same.

+ T r u s t
This is so important. Shifting your reality isn’t always filled with ease & grace. You will come up against old programming, conditioning & massive shadows. You have to trust that this is all part of the process & whatever’s surfacing needs to come up & out, in order for you to step into your vision. This is where your self-care practices play a huge role. Nourish yourself constantly through this process. Honor yourself for doing this work & claiming this level of responsibility. Invest in yourself as much as your finances will allow. This could be as simple as rubbing your whole body with oil after a shower or as extravagant as a day filled with all of your favorite healing modalities. I am a huge advocate of nourishing yourself during all parts of the journey, especially as you’re stepping into becoming the magician or conscious creator of your experience.


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