o c e a n c h i l d
f o r e s t s p i r t

f e e t o n t h e e a r t h
h e a d i n t h e c o s m o s


Hello, Sweet Soul. I'm Pilar. And if you've made it this far, thank you for being here. In a world filled with so much noise, options, and fields of information — I cannot tell you what it means that you've decided to spend some of your precious time and energy with me.

Just like me, my "bio" and "titles" are always evolving. So, to try to pin them down into a neat box is just silly.

I am first and foremost, a human. And that is something I try to cultivate more and more acceptance and approval for everyday. Because this whole being human thing is not always easy.

I am also a Shamanic Herbalist, Writer, and Guide through the systems of Astrology, Human Design, and the inner world. Sometimes I see myself as a bridge between people, plants and planets. Other times I see myself as nothing but a mirror, who continues to hone and harness the skills of seeing, reflecting, and guiding with integrity. (I am a Projector in the Human Design system so I am quite literally designed to see into people very deeply, reflect back what I am seeing, and offer guidance — if invited to do so.)


I have spent my 20’s thus far as a nomad (or, what I’ve decided to call a “slowmad”). I continue to find myself, my soul’s whispers and my inspiration from the land upon which I walk. When I look back, my entire life has been guided by the wisdom of the natural world and those who speak its language.

I am most excited by the “taboo” pieces of ourselves and the human experience that we've been programmed to hide — unexpressed desires, death, shame, intimacy, sexuality, money, the womb, grief, truth-telling, the shadow, et cetera. I find that in working with these repressed or forgotten pieces, we open ourselves to liberation, call back our power, and touch the holy primordial core of humanness.

I bring a grounded earth-based wisdom to my work. My desire for myself and our entire Earth-family is embodied ascension through a reclamation of our wild humanness. I continue to find that the most potent magic available to us, lives in the natural world and the messy, raw, unfiltered human experience.