Your Soul's Chosen Energetic Blueprint

Human Design is a revolutionary system that combines & synthesizes Western Astrology, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, the Zohar or Kabbalah (Judaism) & the Chinese I’Ching; the Book of Changes. It gives you access to a concrete map of your soul’s chosen truest nature — in the body (sub-conscious) and conscious minds.

Human Design shows you how your energy functions, how to best harness and work with your energy, and your unique process for correct decision making. You will receive awareness, tools and actionable strategies to experiment with and implement into your life.

Human Design also initiates you into a deconditioning process. You are shown the pathway to examining all aspects of yourself & asking, “where did this come from?” You begin the potent process of bringing light to and dissolving anything that isn’t innately you. You also gain awareness of your unique qualities and gifts.

Human Design reminds us that we are exquisitely unique beings and we are not meant to look outside of ourselves to understand what’s correct for us. It offers the gift of seeing yourself fully — guiding you on the journey of understanding and accepting your true nature.

To put it simply, Human Design gives you permission to unearth and become your truest self. Cultivating approval for and expressing your most magnificent self is a radical, courageous and revolutionary act in today’s world.

When you are able to live out your own design, no matter how mundane your experience;
you are as awake as Buddha
— Ra Uru Hu, Founder & Messenger of Human Design



A Human Design chart reading is a look at & into your unique Body Graph. Depending on your level of knowledge, we will cover the foundational aspects of the chart in depth — energy type, authority, profile lines, centers, & variables. I am also able to read base, color & tone within your variables (a look into what your body & your mind require in order to stay healthy). If time allows, we will touch on important gates and channels as well.

This reading can be tailored specifically to you & your knowledge level of the system. If you feel comfortable with the foundations, we can spend more time exploring nuances. If you’re new to the system, I will give you the “starter kit” to walk away & start integrating your design.


This reading is for both the understanding & up-leveling of any relationship in your life — partners, friends, family, co-workers. I highly recommend this reading for those in partnership & if possible, both people in the relationship being present for the reading in order to walk away with a more integrated understanding of each other & how to work as a team.

In this reading we will first look at the individual charts. I will give an overview of each chart & give each person in the relationship awareness into how the other works energetically as well as tools & strategies of how to work best with each other. We will also consider the composite chart — the combined energy the two of you create together inside the relationship. From this we will see shared openness, definition & channels. We will also distill shared strengths, sensitivities & talents.

As there are three charts & multiple people being considered, this reading is a higher investment — please add an additional $55 to the prices listed below to see the price point.


I believe that Human Design is even more powerful for children. If you can gain awareness of your child’s design at a young age, you are going to be able to “catch” so many pieces of their experience that could have easily turned into conditioning. Now, of course, this won’t turn you into the perfect parent. But it will give you a lens to see and understand the child’s unique energetics, allowing you to work with them, not against them. Again, this system will show you that looking to how other parents are parenting is not the answer. Based on your child’s design you will see that they need their own unique model of parenting in order to blossom.

The reading will be an overview of foundations of the child’s chart. The parents chart will also be considered so that we can understand similarities, differences, and how the two of you work together as a unit.

Most of what we deal with today when it comes to conditioning stems from our parents telling or modeling to us that pieces of us were wrong or unacceptable. As a parent, when you know your child’s design, you can are giving them the extraordinary gift of acceptance.

If you raise your children according to their nature, they’re not going to have to get into the deconditioning business. They’re going to work through their life being able to see how to make decisions correctly as themselves.

I want to be there to be able to remind them of their uniqueness. This is my job. If I can constantly remind them of their uniqueness, if I can reward their uniqueness, if I can provide them with keys that are necessary for them in making decisions in their life, I’ve done a great job, because that’s the whole point.
— Ra Uru Hu

who is this for?

▽ Those who are not looking for / expecting the reading to answer big life questions for them or give them the “how” or a step-by-step plan as how to move forward with a big step or transition

▽ Those who are not expecting the reading to replace long-term support like coaching or therapy

▽ Those who see the value in widening the lens into your souls evolution and energetic makeup

▽ Those who understand that readings are most often - information - and after the container is closed, it is up to you to begin the integration process (this is why two of my readings include coaching)

▽ Those who are in a space where the charts can be approached as allies, not answer

▽ Those who understand that these systems are not to be used at crutches or ways to spiritually bypass the deeper work

Containers & Investments 

Chart Reading
60-minutes: $333
90-minutes: $444

Relationship Reading
90-minutes: $555
120-minutes: $666

Child Reading
60-minutes: $222

Please Note

▽ I ask that you schedule a complimentary Exploratory Call before or after booking a reading so that we can drop in, connect, see what's present for you, and what's wanting to emerge in the reading. Please schedule the call at least two days before your reading. 

▽ Sessions are held via phone, Skype or Zoom.

▽ In-person sessions are available for a higher investment in San Diego, Los Angeles, & Santa Barbara. Please check before booking to make sure your city is available.

▽ You will recieve a recording of the audio after the session. Recordings are not guaranteed. If your reading is not recorded, there is no refund; you are investing in the consultation, not the recording.

▽ Payment must be made in full upon booking the session. Payments can be made via PayPal or Venmo. 

▽ If you feel called to this work and the price is not within your current range, please contact me to discuss options.

We can continue to create struggle to help us define the meaning of our life, or we can relax into the natural interface of our unique energy with the energy of the world and create a passionate, joyful life. We always have a choice. Self-awareness is the key to making more joyful, abundant choices.
— Karen Curry, Human Design Author & Expert