Pilar Marie Lesko
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Business as

… a medicine ceremony
… a profound pathway to awakening
… a mirror from which you cannot hide
… a holy healing journey; an unfolding remembrance
… a force unifying your conscious and unconscious wills
… a catalyst to the cleansing and harmonizing of your inner Masculine & Feminine energies
… a penetrating, influential, dominating, exertion exercise
… a devotional, surrendered, pleasure-filled, submission practice
… an initiation into Magic, Alchemy, Buddhism, and the Shamanic Arts

Business that is not compartmentalized from your spiritual practice, but rather, is your spiritual practice

Business as the vehicle that allows you to actualize the version of yourself you have quite possibly spent your entire life running from — the you that is embodied, integrated, empowered, highly magical, opulent, and sitting on a throne

The old ways of doing business are dissolving

Join the new paradigm of practicing business