I thought the Earth remembered me, she took me back so tenderly,
arranging her dark skirts,
her pockets full of lichens and seeds.
— Mary Oliver

There is something undeniable about the ancestral connection and boundless medicine from a landscape; in the holy union between place and human that is slow to form, yet eternal once bonded.

In today’s world, communing with a landscape can be somewhat of a lost art. We are quick to visit a place, take a picture, and leave; or maybe, find a plant to wildcraft — forage, and leave.

It took growing into adulthood to mentally comprehend what it appears my body and soul had already known. An act our wild ancestors, without question, understood as important and necessary to remain in connection to Creator. That in returning to the same place time and time again and in the undeniable draw to certain landscapes, we come home — to ourselves and to the wild. We create relationship, with more than just a single wave of the ocean, or tree among a forest — but with an entire ecosystem. We learn the secret symphony of small patches of the Earth. With each return, we are greeted and with each goodbye, there is a sweet longing.

The skins of needing to see as many as places as possible shed in our return to the wisdom of our bones; that within one place, there is a thousand places. And in the act of returning, the art of presence, and the outpouring of gratitude, these dimensions slowly—like a shy flower—open, and we are reminded of a song that we may have forgot existed.


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