Slow down,
take a deep breath,
And remember...

To be whole
To be complete
Wildness reminds us what it means to be human,
What we are connected to rather than what we are separate from
— Terry Temptest Williams

We find ourselves existing in a time where we are inundated with information. More than ever, many of us are conditioned to seek answers outside of ourselves, abandon our bodies, disregard our desires, tame our wildness, and forget our intrinsic connection to the natural world.

The work I steward is about remembering and returning; to the Earth’s wisdom, our bodies deep-seated intelligence, our soul’s whispers, our hearts desires, and to an uncompromising self-awareness.

Whichever tool you feel called to work with—Astrology, Human Design, One-on-One Guidance, Herbal Medicines—as their humble conduit, I make sure that they do not become answers, but rather, allies, pointing you back to your own power, sovereignty and sapience.
You are seen. You are heard. And you are loved.


I b e l i e v e . . .

• paradox is sexy
• everything is alive
• play is non-negotiable
• healing is a spiral dance
• liberation is our birthright
• walking barefoot is important
• devotion is the new discipline
• the revolution will be embodied
• when one woman rises, we all rise
• the Earth’s health is a direct measure of our health
• nature will always be the best therapist / healer / coach
• stories, laughter, song, dance, and silence are the forgotten doctors
• deep listening + full attention are some of today’s highest-value currencies
• spiritual bypassing + willful ignorance of reality are no longer viable options
• the healing of the land is synonymous to the purification of the human spirit

a n d . . .

• the work we take up for ourselves will always ripple outwards in all directions — to our ancestors, the land we live on, all of those still walking this plane, and the next seven generations

I t i s a n h o n o r t o w a l k t h i s p a t h w i t h y o u


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